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Kampung house with asian & western retro decor: Refurbished

    Property Features
  • House
  • Sleeps 5
  • Self-catering
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Property in the countryside
  • A car is necessary
  • Located in a village

Kampung house with asian & western retro decor description

Hello there! Welcome to our house, we named it as Wogoxette Upstairs // MADE IN KT, a decades old family home built in the 70s, situated in a small village named Kuala Terla in Cameron Highlands, MALAYSIA. The house has been home to a happy family of seven for over 37 years. Now that our parents had retired and we, the children leaving the nest, we decided to refurbish our house into a vacation home for avid travellers like you, whom would love to experience living in a quaint kampung setting.

We are living at the ground level of the house. Feel free to have chat with us and we are more than happy to share some local tips with you e.g. where to eat and where to play!

Let me give you a quick introduction of our village. Unlike the major towns in Cameron Highlands, Kuala Terla is a small, serene and non-commercialised village. Our house is nestled in between the homes of locals (kampung houses), it provides a retreat for those looking to hide away from the city bustle. Our house has also been refurbished with a fusion of western and Asian retro decor.

In the morning, you will be able to hear roosters crowing, school bell ringing, uncles and aunties chatting and kids running around or riding their bicycles.

Most villagers are very friendly, however, not many of them can converse in English. If you speak / chat with them, they will try their best to communicate with you.

One of the best 'Paos' (Chinese Buns) restaurant is located within our neighbourhood! They are made fresh daily. They have awesome 'Cham' (Mixed Tea & Coffee) too. Great for afternoon tea. (3PM onwards until sold out)

In terms of transportations, there are local bus services, however, we would recommend you to have your own car for easy exploring.

Many local attractions are within walking distance e.g. Cameron Valley Tea Plantation & Tea House.
Lavender Garden, Grapes & Tomato Farms are just 10 min drive away.

The rest? Come and explore!

Our rate is RM250 (USD72) per night for the first 2 guests. RM46 (USD13) for each additional guest.
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Photos of the holiday House

Kampung house with asian & western retro decor -
Kampung house with asian & western retro decor -
Kampung house with asian & western retro decor -

The - Pahang region

Cameron Highlands

  • Property in the countryside
  • Located in a village

Rental features

Property type
House sleeps 5 people

3 bedrooms


1 bathroom (0 of which are ensuite)

Interior features

Internet available, Wi-fi available

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