Scam Alerts !

A scam targeted at Holiday Home Owners


On several occasions Holiday Home Owners receive inquiries through Holiday Home Rental websites, such as

Once the Home Owner replies to the inquiry, they receive an email back that usually contains something in the line of the following text :


Thanks a lot for your mail and your understanding, I’m very happy to read from you back as regard the property availability from 21 April 2012 till 28 April 2012 ,I am also okay with the asking price 510€

Concerning the payment arrangement, I am assuring you that their won’t be any problem because our company’s business associate in europe would be pay for our holiday and i had already spoke with their company about the payment arrangement.

The payment that would be sent to you would be in excess,BTA (Basic Travelers Allowance) fee will be included in the rental fee basic on trust. As soon as you get the Italy Check deposited into your bank for clearance.

As soon as you have cashed the Spanish check or French check you
would deduct the rental fee and send the remaining balance to the traveling agent,which would be for our flight expenses,BTA  and some other necessary paperwork’s. Details and Instruction on how to send the remaining balance to the traveling agent would be forward to you as soon as you received the payment

Here is my information below :
Mrs & Mr David
Address: 17 – 4TH Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
United States
Fax Number :+1206-338-5714 
Home Number : +1202-459-6722
Adults : 2

Pls i want you to do this for me in good faith. if you comply,do not hesitate to provide me with these information.

Full Name on Italy Check:
Full Address,
City :
Zip Code:
State :
Country :
Telephone Number :

I would be very glad if you can be of a helping hand and hope to read back from you soonest, I will forward the copy of my passport to you as well .

Best Regards.
Mrs &  Mr


Emails like this should have alarms bells ringing in your ears !

This is a scammer trying to steal your hard-earned money with a fake check and a fake story.

Have a look at this forum with some of the experiences with this scammer:

He is not the only one trying to pull this scam, there are many different names and emails going around to try and scam you.

The police knows about this particular person and is investigating it. Please report any emails you receive that make you suspect something. If you’re not sure, contact us so we can help you decide if it’s a genuine holiday home renter.

The general rule is, if it does not seem like a straight forward request for renting your property, don’t bother !

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