Tips for Holiday Makers

Telephoning a holiday home owner can be a bit daunting. Have a think and a list ready of things you want to know before you make the call. Emailing is fine too, but we would recommend calling at least once to know a little more about who you are actually renting with.

Things you might want to ask are:

Availability?  Check they have a policy on what will happen if a double booking has been made by accident.

Tell me more about your property? Is it safe to take children (eg gates around property, busy roads)?

What will be the deposit? Are there any extra charges to be paid at the end of the rental period, such as cleaning costs?

How do you take payments? Best way to pay is through an account an internet. This way your credit card details are safe as long as it is a reputable website such as PayPal.

How will you return my deposit after my stay?

Do you have a rental contract you can email me? You want to check refund policy, and cancellation policy.

How many rooms/sleeping sofa’s?  Some homes owners will state they have 6 sleeping places, which does not always mean they have 3 double rooms, or 2 doubles and 2 singles. Do check to not have a nasty surprise in sleeping arrangements.

What is the full address of your property? You can Google map the property to ensure the property is at the exact place where you want to be.

What is the nearest Airport/Train station/best way to get there?

[quote_left]Do remember to take out insurance. Make sure you take out insurance that will protect you when booking independently from agencies or holiday packages.[/quote_left] Also keep all correspondence with the holiday home owner, just in case you need to refer to it later in.

We can help you with your call or enquiry, just contact Catrien, details on the contact us page.

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